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DentalPlus+ Software by Admor

Software Overview

DentalPlus is a complete dental practice management package offering a feature rich experience, enabling your daily tasks to be completed efficiently and effectively with our intuitive Patient Record, Appointment Book, Clinical and Administration tools.

Included in the fee:

  • Comprehensive clinical module
  • Informative appointment book
  • Personalised medical history
  • Targeted marketing
  • Patient communications
  • Detailed report system
  • Remote access
  • Encrypted backups
  • Automatic updates
  • Full training and support
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Appointment Book

The appointment book allows you to view each day and manage each appointment resourcefully. With a simple colour coding system you can easily identify appointments. Multiple practitioners can be shown on one screen with varying appointment slot lengths. Holiday, working hours, blocked slots can all be entered into the book along with day notes and clinician specific notes.

  • Multiple views
  • Colour coded categories
  • Simple patient search facilities
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Print day lists
  • Send reminders via text or email
  • Manage lab work
  • Create waiting lists
  • Add appointment notes
  • Manage working hours and block slots
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Patient Record

The Patient Record contains all the information you need to know about a patient. Broken down into sections, you have access to the Patient Details, Medical History, Treatment Page, Clinical Notes, Perio Charting, Appointments, Financials, Communications and Patient Notes.

Patient Details

  • Colour coded by status and scheme
  • Important medical alerts appear in icon format
  • Set default recall periods
  • Set preferred method of contact
  • Group patients

Medical History

  • Use our standard Medical History or add your own
  • Complete on the computer, tablet or print a paper copy
  • Important medical alerts appear with icons
  • Other medical forms can be added


  • Create and manage treatment plans
  • Multiple plans and estimates
  • Add and view clinical notes
  • Create multiple appointments for a course of treatment
  • Add items to the watch list
  • View clinical notes, medical history and other forms in the treatment screen

Clinical Notes

  • View full history of clinical notes
  • Create new notes from scratch or from set templates
  • Make clinical notes tooth specific
  • Up to 48 hours to edit or delete


  • Create brand new perio charts, BPE’s, plaque index charts and intra oral exams
  • Save completed charts for a full history
  • Print current or previous charts
  • Print perio comparison


  • Create and cancel appointments
  • Full history of patient appointments
  • View status of past appointments
  • View reasons for cancellations
  • Create linked appointments
  • Create group appointments


  • Take payments
  • Add sundries
  • View all past transactions
  • Make refunds, credits and accept overpayments
  • Reprint invoices and receipts


  • Create new letters, emails and texts
  • Choose from a selection of templates or create brand new documents
  • Competitive text prices using DentalPlus Text
  • Sent and received documents will be stored
  • Import files to the patient record

Patient Notes

  • Create patient notes
  • Make alert notes to pop up when the record is opened

Using the Admin section of DentalPlus, you can manage the settings for your practice, create a range of reports, set up document templates, create a directory of your contacts, manage your NHS claims and manage the practice financials.

  • Personalise DentalPlus using the system and clinician settings
  • Add and amend clinical note templates
  • Add new sundry items and prices
  • Full history of delivery reports in DentalPlus Text
  • Run a range of financial, appointment, patient, clinical and NHS reports
  • Create document templates for letters, emails and texts using mail merge features
  • Create a directory of important contacts such as referring dentists and labs
  • Track your NHS claims
  • Manage the financials of the practice with the cashing up feature
NHS Claims Management

DentalPlus offers a practical claims management system, certified by the NHS that enables you to manage all your NHS claims competently.
Submit batched FP17 claims to the DPB. All responses from the DPB are downloaded, analysed and stored with the option for you to run a number of reports to keep up to date with your claims.

  • Send FP17 claims by batch
  • Receive acknowledgements and messages from the DPB
  • View schedules
  • Full history of sent claims
Marketing Suite

Use our advanced marketing tools to create and manage targeted marketing campaigns, promote treatments, offers and estimate revenue. Allow patients to complete multiple patient surveys on a tablet to evaluate your practice’s performance. Our informative data cleansing facility will help you identify bad data which will be flagged within the patient record enabling you to update details as required.

  • Create and manage targeted marketing campaigns
  • Patient surveys and questionnaires
  • Revenue estimation
  • Data cleansing

Choose from a range of financial, appointment, patient, clinical and NHS reports to gather various statistics and create communications for patients.
Current reports include:

  • Daily takings
  • Cash ups
  • Outstanding debtors
  • Patients with no appointment or recall
  • Referred patients
  • Recalls due
  • Waiting times
  • NHS claims at status
  • FP17 counts

Plus many more...

Digital Signatures

Use an iPad or Android tablet to capture data electronically using the Digital Signature feature. Patients can complete their medical history, sign treatment plans and complete other forms without the need for paper. The information will be encrypted and sent directly to your server where it will be stored in the patient record.

  • No more filing
  • Save space in the practice
  • Safe and secure
DentalPlus Text

Instant communication with patients is available using DentalPlus Text. Text messages are a vital marketing and communication tool which will lead to a reduction in FTA’s. Recalls, reminders, appointments and other documentation can be sent via text.

  • Reduce your FTA rate
  • Cheap, competitive prices
  • No third companies
Patient Self Check-in

DentalPlus Self Check-in. This feature allows patients to check in at reception using a tablet, reducing the workload for reception and decreasing the time patients are waiting at the desk. With customisable settings, you can create your own branded check-in system that is user friendly for all patients at the practice.

  • Allow patients to check in electronically at reception using a tablet
  • Create personalised messages for each patient
  • Customise the feature with your practice details, logo and colour scheme
  • User friendly for all patients
  • Tablet and stands available to purchase from DentalPlus
Additional Features

DentalPlus also offer additional features to help in the running of your practice.

  • Postcode Finder

    If you are a practice that welcomes a high volume of new patients, the postcode finder is the feature for you. Search for addresses by postcode saving the practice valuable time.

  • Integrated Appointment Card Printing

    Appointment cards can be printed directly through DentalPlus. Admor provides a range of appointment cards and Zebra printers at competitive prices.

  • Remote Access

    Log in and work from home using the remote access feature

  • Integrate your digital x-ray software

    Your digital x-ray software can be integrated and easily accessed through DentalPlus.

  • DentalPlus Mobile App

    Use your Apple or Android device to manage your DentalPlus appointment book on the move.

DentalPlus+ Feature Matrix

Patient Record
Patient Details
Medical History
Treatment Charting
Clinical Notes
Perio Charting
Patient Notes
Appointment Book
1 Day View / 5 Day View / List View
Reception View
Day-list Printing
Send Reminders by Email and SMS
Quickfind for Appointments
Lab Work
User admin/ System setup
Basic Documents
Mail-merge to RTF documents (Word)
Recall Manager
NHS Claims Management


DentalPlus has revolutionised our practice. Migrating to an electronic practice management system was never going to be an easy task. However DentalPlus stood out with it’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface, driven by powerful functionality that was able to meet all of our requirements. Informed advice, accessible support and on-site training ensured a pain-free switch-over from our previous paper-based system.

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Other features
Internal Messenger
DentalPlus Text
Digital Signatures
Patient Self Check-In
Online Booking
Marketing Suite
Link to Imaging System *
Data Migration
Initial On-site Training
Remote Training
Email Support
Telephone Support
Mon - Thurs 8:30-5:30, Fri 8:30-5:00
Out of hours email and voicemail support
Help System & FAQ
Remote Assistance (requires Telephone Support)
2 Daily Cloud Backups of DentalPlus Data
Unlimited Backup of DentalPlus Data and Additional Data on the Server

included as standard
available at an additional cost
additional charges may apply

DentalPlus is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.