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Technical Information


We recommend that you buy the fastest server that you can afford. We advise that if you are using 4 or more workstations to use a separate server. Please see below recommended specification for the server:

Modern Quadcore processor e.g. i5 or i7
Minimum of 8GB RAM, preferably 16GB or more
2 x 1TB SATA hard drives configured as RAID 1 (mirrored for security)
Gigabit wired LAN (Local area network)
Windows 7, 8.1 & 10 (or 2012 Server, if over 7 workstations and you have digital imaging)

Other Workstations

Please see below recommended specification for other workstations used:

Intel Duo Core Processor or higher e.g. i5 or i7
RAM - Minimum 4GB, but recommended 8GB
500GB hard drive
Gigabit LAN or 802.11N WiFi
Windows 7, 8.1 & 10

Apple Mac - Intel Processor iMac/Mac Mini/MacBook RAM - Minimum 4GB, but recommended 8GB
OSX 10.6 or above

If you have imaging equipment linked to any of these computers then you should consider memory size and specify the faster processor to cope with the additional graphical demand.

We work closely with a hardware specialist called Technocure who specialise in hardware and support. If you need assistance with your hardware, please let us know and we will ask Technocure to contact you.

External Support

For DentalPlus to maintain the product and allow easier support, we need to install remote access software onto each of your machines. We install Team Viewer which gives us secure access to your computers.


For the server, it is essential to have a backup device in order to take database backups. We recommend multiple removable hard disks as they have the capacity for also storing all your images.

We will also install our off site backup software which is used to securely keep a copy of your DentalPlus data and files which requires an internet connection.

In order to get a comparison for hardware pricing and latest technologies we suggest that you always check out an online website. This will give you a good guide for benchmark prices, processors and disk options that are available.